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About Us

We're glad you found us, here's our story.

How does American West HealthCare Solutions stand apart?


Our network of multilingual physicians knows not just your language, but the ways you want to be treated. We pay attention so we can deliver the preventative, specialty, and mental health care you deserve, plus patient education that can help keep your whole family healthier.

As an AWHS member, you’ll have access to a team committed to addressing everything that impacts your health and wellness. Your team leader is a primary-care physician with foreign language ability, who takes the time to get to know you well and help you understand what you may need in terms of care. This means any direction your care requires has been painstakingly thought out and designed just for you.


Your primary-care physician has expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Internal medicine

  • Family medicine

  • General practice

These are the doctors you’ll visit for overall wellness, common illnesses and managing chronic conditions.


When you require specialized care, your primary-care doctor leads you directly to the next steps and shepherds you throughout your health journey for that condition. That way, your focus is simply on getting and staying well.

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