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Extra Care as We Age

If you’re turning 65, you have some important health decisions to consider. You may be wondering:

  • Will my coverage change if I recently moved to this area?

  • Is retirement on the horizon?

  • What happens when I lose my employer’s coverage?

  • Am I Medicare-eligible if I’m still working?

  • Are my behavioral or memory-related conditions covered?


Here’s how America West is committed to guiding you through all you need to think about and act on this year.


Connecting you to doctors who will know you in health as much as in illness. This is particularly important when managing behavioral and memory-care issues, such as dementia and depression, that are very common as we age.


Participating with your insurance plan, American West has firm partnerships in place with many of the biggest and health plans, so you won’t run into roadblocks in getting the care you need and deserve.


You’ve worked hard all your life. As you focus on family, fun and faith, let us look after your health.

That’s American West HealthCare Solutions.


Expert administration. Compassionate care.

We’re a multi-specialty group with a single goal – your optimal health. You deserve healthcare that’s comprehensive, thoughtful, and affordable.  American West HealthCare Solutions delivers that and more, with a special sensitivity for the unique needs of Southern California.

Accessible. Respectful. Proactive

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